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Did you know that better sex not only leads to better sex?

It also leads to more confidence, more success, more happiness, more pleasure, and making more money by working less.


Let me start at the beginning.

I am just a Catholic girl, who grew up on a farm just next to the church, I have a brother and sisters and I never talked about sex until I was 37 years old. Not with my parents, not with my sisters, not with friends or my partner.

Sex was just something you had and not something you talked about.

I was in a relationship for 17 years and after this was over I moved out of our house into a new apartment. I still remember sitting on my bed looking at this new pink fluffy carpet wondering what else is out there for me in the world of sex.

I started learning a few things and then my life changed.



My life changed when I was in the hospital for what I thought would be a routine surgery. When I woke up, the doctor came in and said: “I am sorry Ute, we had to remove your womb.” I was shocked.

I didn’t feel like a real woman any longer.

All the hopes and dreams I had for exciting, fun sex and having children were gone.

I would just be an old woman, without kids and no man would ever want me again since I wasn’t a real woman anymore.

I almost gave up.

Maybe sex just wasn’t meant for me.

Maybe I should just give up on it.

But then it hit me and I decided, still in that cold white hospital room, that I was going to change my life and I would find out what else is out there for me and choose to have the best sex for the rest of my life. I was choosing better sex. And I left that hospital on a mission to change my life.

All it took for the mastery of better sex was a decision.

After 11 months, when I had recovered from that surgery, I went to workshops and started to have better sex. I liberated myself and became wild, sexy and free.

What you don’t know yet is that I wasn’t only a Catholic girl from the farm who had never talked about sex, I was also so ashamed of my body that I wasn’t even able to be naked in front of other women in the dressing room after the gym. I always went home to shower, because I was so ashamed of my body.

So here I was at my first workshop about female sexuality when I saw all these beautiful women. OMG I almost wanted to leave. Do you know these beautiful women; tall, blonde, slim in a wonderful toned body where all men turn around and stare after them? I always thought if you looked like this, you must be happy and have no worries.

Until I was sitting at this workshop on my purple meditation cushion, listening to what kind of problems these beautiful women had.

This was the moment where I made another decision. I made peace with my body no matter how much my weight is or what I look like.

If you want to have better sex, it is very important that you are at peace with your body. Otherwise you will always be in your head thinking how do I look right now, is this a good position, what does he think of my belly, or my butt or whatever and you are missing the best while being in your head wondering if you are good enough…you are missing the touch, the sensations in your body, all the good feelings while having sex.

So that’s how my journey to better sex started from being a Catholic girl who never talked about sex and was ashamed of her body to being free, wild and liberated.

The biggest surprise on my journey was that better sex not only led to better sex as you can guess, it led to so much more.

I had my most successful year in my entire career as a financial adviser.

I reached six figures while working at least 30% fewer hours – since I was busy having better sex…

It was just amazing.

That’s when I realized what the magic power of better sex means. So I started to study and teach it.




Are you wondering what you could get out of having better sex?


Let me introduce you to my client Susi.

Susi was 42 when I met her at a workshop. She was one of these beautiful women I was telling you about before. Blonde, tall, sexy, with a hot good-looking, toned body. She was an entrepreneur for wellness and fitness and when she came to me she said: “Ute, the only sex I had in the last 2 years is in my dreams although I love sex. I am afraid of men and I am afraid of my power. Maybe this whole sex thing just isn’t right for me.”

We started working together and I created an individual plan for her so that she was able to overcome her fears and open up to men, love and sex. After only 3 weeks she attracted a hot lover and had good sex with him. After some time of working with and following my proven plan, she had more confidence in herself and had way more and better sex. She also knows she can have better sex whenever she wants to, her business went up, she raised her prices, and she is now the hot sexy confident goddess she is meant to be.

Also meet Linda. Linda was 48 when we met and already successful but unhappy with her love life and her business. She owned 2 fitness studios. Sex for her was a disaster. She came out of a bad relationship with bad sex. She was hurt. She faked orgasms so that her partner would feel better. After working with me, she overcame her fear, shame, taboos and a lot of old beliefs (like “you don’t do that,” “that’s not allowed” and so on) and liberated herself. The sex she had got better and better and she attracted a new man into her life with whom she is now in a relationship. He is a great lover. She is having the sex of her life. She doesn’t care about what others think, she got clear about her business and attracted new clients by just being herself. And she is so hot I can’t even tell you. If you see her and feel her power, you will turn around and you will be turned on. Just by being in her presence.



  • Imagine how you would show up in your next sales call, conversation or discussion, when you are on fire and glow?

  • Imagine what you would attract in your life and relationship, when you feel hot and sexy because you have better sex?

  • Imagine you are having the best sex of your life whenever you want it and as much as you want it?

  • Think about how much better you would perform in your next negotiation or your next sales call or your next job interview?

  • Imagine how confident you would be when you walk into a room if you are having as much sex as you want?

Now imagine, you haven’t had sex in years and if you think about sex, it makes you want to curl up in a ball and cry. Think about how you would now show up at that sales call or interview?


When you are having bad sex or no sex at all, you start being needy and unhappy. And everyone can feel this. Even though they don’t know why.

See when I grew up on the farm I thought the secret to success was hard work. That’s all I saw and all I learned.


The truth is the secret to real success is more and better sex.


A quick way to find out if you are having good sex is to go on a scale from 1-10.

How would you rate your sexlife?

10 is mind-blowing and 1 is horrible and you never want to have sex again and decide to be a nun.

What number would that be in your head? You don’t have to say it out loud. Just be honest with yourself.

So maybe you landed on a 4 or 5. Why not a 10? What is holding you back? Do you have fears, shame, taboos, your mother’s voice in your head…?

And if you landed on a 10, you may think you have great sex except you don’t know what you don’t know…

Imagine, how would a 10 feel?

How would you feel?

How would it affect your life, if you had more and better sex and were turned on and on fire whenever you wanted to?

So, would you like to unleash your sexual power,

so you can have more and better sex and make more money,

by working less?


Then let’s talk and see what’s holding you back and how I can help you!

Click on the link below and choose a time on my calendar for a free discovery call.

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Can’t wait to talk to you. You are amazing!

Let’s make this happen.


Lots of love and sparkle,


Better Sex

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